Oilfield Injury Lawyer Near Me

Locations to find an oilfield Injury lawyer near me.

As we vet different locations, we add them to our list of oilfield injury lawyers. So you can locate some near you.

Kansas Oilfield Lawyer

In addition to oil, there are lawyers that specialize in the gas exploration and pipeline work. Kansas lawyers that specialize in oil, gas and pipeline cases are typically located in cities like Wichita, Topeka, and Kansas City.

New Mexico Oilfield Lawyers

In New Mexico, there are lawyers that typically specialize in energy law cases. This can mean oil, gas, solar, wind, etc. We look for those lawyers that have a reputation for specializing in oil law.

North Dakota Oilfield Lawyers

North Dakota has been the most recent location of an oil boom. Starting in 2006, the oil industry has focused on utilizing the oil resources of the Bakken Formation. Since the Bakken Boom, a large amount of employment opportunities in the oil industry were created in the area. Many of the workers were never in the oil industry before. This also creates a need for lawyers who specialize in oil cases and the laws of North Dakota.

Oklahoma Oilfield Lawyer

With about 150,000 employees working in the oil and gas industries, Oklahoma is one of the top producers of oil and gas in the United States. Fourteen of the top 100 natural gas fields are located in Oklahoma. In 1859, oil was discovered in Oklahoma. This makes it one of the early states to benefit from the discovery of oil.

Texas Oilfield Lawyers

Significantly starting with the oil strike in Beaumont, TX in 1901, the "gusher" age signified a large change in the ability for the United States to be a large, or largest, producer of oil in the World. Texas quickly became known for the rich oil industry. If you were alive during the '80's this industry was dramatized by the TV show, Dallas.

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